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Laser Nail Fungal Treatment FAQs

Dr. Greenberg Uses Cutera GenesisPlus to Treat Fungal Nails

The FDA approved Cutera GenesisPlus treatment for fungal nails is fast, safe and efficient. In one session we treat a patients suffering with unsightly, deformed and discolored toenails. There is no pain or downtime.

Dr. Greenberg provides consultative care for most foot conditions including corn and callous removal. He also provides new surgically related therapy on bunions, hammertoes and heel spurs. Dr. Greenberg also treats neuromas, ankle sprains, strains and broken bones.

Why Does Dr. Greenberg Use Cutera GenesisPlus to Treat Fungal Nails?
  • Cutera is a worldwide leader in laser technology
  • One of only two lasers FDA cleared for fungal nails/Onychomycosis
  • Heat sensor on hand piece for accuracy and safety of treatment
  • Proven effectiveness
How Long Have You Been Performing Laser Treatments for Nail Fungus?
Is the Laser Nail Procedure Painful?
Can I walk Following the Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?
How long does the Laser Nail Fungus Treatment Take?
When can I paint my nails after the Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?
Is The Procedure Covered by My Insurance?
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