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Embarrassed by nail fungus?

Get rid of it with Laser Nail Fungus Treatment from Laguna Woods Podiatry.

* Includes 2 treatments for up to 10 toes. If further treatment is needed, it's just an office visit at our office visit cost. And don’t forget, Dr. Greenberg will trim and file your nails.

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Nail Fungus Laser Treatment FAQs - click to open

Is Laser Nail Treatment Painful?

The laser does not harm healthy tissue, and most patients do not experience any major discomfort during or after the laser procedure. Some people may experience a warming sensation during the procedure, but no anesthesia is needed.

How Long Does It Take?

The laser nail fungus treatment takes place in two visits. Each visit takes only 20 minutes.

Can I Walk Following the Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?

The laser nail fungus treatment does not harm living tissue. Patients arrive for their appointment, have the procedure done, and then walk out and go about their normal activity as recommend by Dr. Greenberg.

Is The Procedure Covered by My Insurance?

Toenail Fungus is considered an aesthetic condition by health insurance providers so most health insurance does not provide coverage for the Laser Nail Treatment.

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Laser Ingrown Toenail Surgery

ingrown toenail surgeryStop irritating ingrown toenail pain & swelling with gentle laser therapy - "just the corner that hurts."

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